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Franklin County hospital systems directly contributed $5.66 billion to the regional economy in 2013. Over the past five years, they provided $2.49 billion in community benefit.

Columbus’s not-for-profit hospital systems are among our community’s greatest assets. Access to high-quality healthcare by all Franklin County residents is just as important as safe and friendly neighborhoods, good schools, a stable economy, cultural diversity and quality arts and entertainment venues in making central Ohio a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Our hospitals’ ability to deliver benefit to the community stems from their not-for-profit status. As charitable organizations, they do not pay income tax and local property taxes, nor do they pay dividends to owners or stockholders. Instead, “profits” earned by our local hospitals are reinvested in such areas as research, education and training of physicians and other healthcare providers, innovation and technology, facilities to meet community need, and community outreach and education.  When totaled, our hospitals provide substantial benefit to the community – to the tune of $548.5 million in 2013. Over the past five years, Franklin County’s not-for-profit hospitals provided nearly $2.5 billion in health benefits to the community. 

In addition to the many health benefits, our local hospitals also have a substantial impact on the economy of the central Ohio region. In 2013, Franklin County hospitals directly employed 38,172 central Ohioans. Franklin County hospitals directly contribute nearly $5.7 billion annually to the economy of the 10‐county Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area. Including the hospitals’ purchases from suppliers and the purchases of household goods and services made by suppliers’ and hospitals’ employees’ from their wages, the total annual impact on the regional economy is $10.2 billion.

The Central Ohio Hospital Council has issued a report, Caring for Our Community, which highlights the community benefits and the economic impacts of the four Franklin County hospital systems. The Council has developed an infographic as well as issue briefs to present the information to the community. Copies of these materials can be downloaded from this website or can be mailed by calling the COHC offices at 614-358-2710.

Caring for Our Community Infographic

Issue Brief: 2013 Community Benefit

Issue Brief and Full Report: 2013 Economic Impact


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