The four Franklin County hospital systems recently developed and adopted standards to ensure that deliveries are not scheduled early, before 39 weeks gestation, without a medical reason. The initiative is in support of CelebrateOne, Columbus’ collective impact initiative to improve the health of babies. 

To view a copy of the "Community Standards on Early Elective Deliveries," click here. To view a patient education flyer on this issue, click here.




  The Central Ohio Hospital Council has released Caring for Our Community, a report which highlights the community benefits and the economic impacts of the four Franklin County hospital systems. To view the Caring for Our Community report, click here or call the Central Ohio Hospital Council at (614) 358-2710 to have a copy mailed to you.

Commitment to Collaboration

Central Ohio hospitals share a common belief that many of the issues facing our local healthcare system can be addressed much more effectively when hospitals work in collaboration. The Central Ohio Hospital Council released in 2014 Commitment to Collaboration, a report which highlights the many collaborative initiatives being undertaken by the Franklin County hospital systems.  

To view the Commitment to Collaboration, click here or call the Central Ohio Hospital Council at (614) 358-2710 to have a copy mailed to you.

  • Key initiatives highlighted

Central Ohio Infant Mortality/Preterm Birth Initiative
Infant mortality, the death of a baby before his/her first birthday, is a public health crisis in the central Ohio community.  Franklin County's infant mortality rate in 2011 was 9.8, with an Ohio rate of 7.9.  Ohio has the 8th worst infant mortality rate in the nation.

Through the Ohio Better Birth Outcome collaborative, central Ohio healthcare providers are working together to reduce the number of infant deaths and incidents of preterm birth through clinical interventions. For an overview of the issues surrounding infant mortality and preterm birth in central Ohio, click here. Click through the initiatives listed below to learn more about the central Ohio collaborations around reducing infant mortality.

Dublin Methodist Hospital Doctors Hospital Riverside Methodist Hospital Ohio State University Medical Center The James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute Mount Carmel West Grant Medical Center Nationwide Children’s Hospital Ohio State University East Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical HospitalMount Carmel St. Ann’sMount Carmel East

Central Ohio Hospital Council
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Other Collaborative Initiatives:
Franklin County's hospital systems are working together on a number of initiatives that improve the health of our community, including:

Mental Health

Community Health Needs Assessment

Health Information Translations

Supplier Diversity

For a list of all of the collaborative initiatives being undertaken by our hospital systems through the COHC, visit our "Issues/Advocacy" page.

COHC .news 

Upcoming Events

March 2015

In this edition of,
COHC announces the initiatives central Ohio hospitals will focus on collaboratively in 2015.

Also, read highlights from the economic impact and community benefit report of the four Franklin County health systems.







9/1/15- Patient Financial Assistance Representatives Mtg.

9/2/15- CHNA Steering Committee conference call

9/4/15- Continuing work around decreasing infant mortality rate: safe-sleep and very low birth-rate discussion

9/10/15- Supply Chain Manager conference call

9/16/15- OBBO Monthly Community Mtg.

9/23/15-Franklin County Mental Health Bedboard Mtg.

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